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L755 Popular 7 inch Anroid tablets for kids
L749 Hot selling 7'' tablet pc RK3066,ARM Cortex A-9 Dual core 1/2GHz,WIFI,HDMI,Dal camera
L740D1 7 inch 3G phone calling tablet pc,bluetooth,HDMI,WIFI,Dual camera
L752 Build in 2G phone function Allwinner A13 7'' inch tablet PC
L750D1 Hot selling 7 inch Allwinner A13 Cortex A8-1.0Ghz tablet pc
L746 OEM 7inch allwinner a13 Cortex A8-1.0Ghz with wifi
L742 Factory private mold IPS screen 7 inch tablet MID,WIFI,HDMI,Dual camera
L736A VIA WM8850,Cortex A9-1.2Ghz 7inch android 4.0 mini laptop tablet
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